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Drugs in Ecuador

How to solve the Ecuadorian High School Students in Drugs problem?

Actually in Ecuador we have a lot of case about the drugs in High School. A lot of students have access to these substances. When you ask some student how he can get the product he says that only look for the guy who sell it. For eradicate this big problem I raised these points: First we could control more the students with their activities, second we can talk them about the consequences and effects about the drug.

We could control more the students with their activities. If we control the activities that they are doing we could see if they buy or sell drugs and they can guide us to the main person that is in command. We can protect them if the provider forces them to buy and consume these substances.

We can talk about the consequences and effects about the drugs. For example if we talk about the effects, consequences that is caused by drugs they would have scare but the point is not to scare them only say that they don’t need to consume drugs because this world of drugs the worst that they could do. We also can talk about the appearance, how ending slaughtered and these consequences and effects probably can open their eyes and see the world different.

In conclusion I think that if we want a better world with better students and a better future first we need to concentrate in our children because they are the future of our country.

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